Project outputs will be released here over the coming year.

Scores for the three pieces written for the Online Orchestra can be downloaded here:
John Pickard – In Sea-Cold Lyonesse
Jim Aitchison – Re-Tracing
Federico Reuben – Spiritus Telecommunitas

Videos of the performance can be seen here

Featuring world premieres by:
John Pickard, In Sea-Cold Lyonesse
Jim Aitchison, Re-Tracing
Federico Reuben with Aleks Kolkowski, Spiritus Telecommunitas

The Online Orchestra consists of:
Strings, Choir, Percussion: Truro Cathedral
Brass: Mullion
Flutes: Isles of Scilly

Philippa Mo: violin
Aleks Kolkowski: sound devices, materials and improvisations

Jon Hargreaves

The performance is also viewable at Five Islands School on the Isles of Scilly, and Mullion School.

Tickets are free, and you are welcome to join us.